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Register to try IP Problem Finder

Trial Specifics

You may try the IP Problem Finder on our test server for one day. We have preloaded many traces showing various problems. To register for a trial or for more information, please fill out the following information and we will contact you.

The pricing for the IP Problem Finder is:

  • $200 for one trace of up to 100,000 packets for use for 4 hours.
  • For enterprise licensing, please contact us at

Registration Information

First Name:* required
Last Name:* required
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Email format:

Here are some of the sample traces that you can view in the trial.

Base TCP, UDP, ICMP Traces

  • TN3270 connection - start to finish
  • TN3270 connection - view data as screens
  • TCP - application not available (SYN/RST)
  • TCP - FTP Out of Order and Retransmits
  • UDP - SNMP Get Bulk - Good Transmission
  • UDP - SNMP Get Bulk - Header Error
  • UDP - Fragmentation and Reassembly
  • ICMP - many types
  • ICMP - Time To Live Expired

SSL Traces

  • SSL - SSL connection rejected by z/OS
  • SSL - Good SSL connection - unneeded reset at end
  • SSL - Bad Handshake - DB2 Configuration Wrong
  • SSL - DB2 Packet and data trace
  • SSL - FTP Packet and data trace
  • SSL - TN3270 Packet and data trace
  • SSL - Good and Bad Handshakes

IPv6 Traces

  • IPV6 - Good FTP
  • IPV6 - Teredo Tunnel Traffic
  • IPV6 - Tunnel Broker Traffic
  • IPV6 - 6 to 4 Tunnel Traffic
  • IPV6 - Link Local MultiCast Name Resolution
  • IPV6 - DNS - Unicast and MultiCast
  • IPV6 - Access Dual Stack Websites
  • IPV6 - DNS to Anycast F-Root Internet Server

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