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    Network Performance Analysis (NPA) Service

    Inside Products' Network Performance Analysis (NPA) group specializes in performance related consulting for all kinds of networks across all popular platforms, including mainframe-based TCP/IP and SNA networks. Our NPA consulting group is a very experienced team of some of the best consultants in the business, and our rates are the most competitive in the industry. For a biography of the head of the NPA group, please click here: Jim Ashton.

    We also offer help with individual traces that you may be having a hard time with interpreting. Check out our Guided Trace Analysis

    Basic Network Health Check

    We can also do a periodic health check for your mainframe TCP/IP network. This includes:

    1. Analyze ICMP errors and causes
    2. Identify devices / servers creating unneeded overhead
    3. Identify unneeded UDP traffic
    4. Identify congestion or network traffic errors on subnets
    5. Analyze TCP profile
    6. Identify routes and applications with packet fragmentation
    7. Identify excessive idle or hanging connections
    8. Identify connections in frequent error status
    9. Identify application configuration problems (keepalive required, etc)

    Network Performance Check

    We can not only do all of the things covered in the Basic Network Health Check, and then make tuning recommendations. This includes:

    1. Identify specific data flows to investigate
    2. Assist with specific data collection on Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, and other network equipment
    3. Analyze traces and performance data
    4. Identify congestion or network traffic errors on subnets
    5. Analyze response time for applications (host and network time)
    6. Analyze response time for individual connections (host and network time)
    7. Recommend next steps to address performance problems identified

    Systems and Network Tuning

    Building on information developed by the Basic Network Health Check and Network Performance Check, we can address a specific problem:

    1. Identify identify specific problem areas to work on
    2. Research equipment tuning parameters
    3. Provide specific equipment tuning parameter change recommendations
    4. Develop tests to determine that the changes are working
    5. Verify that the problem is resolved

    EE Health Check

    When you are implementing Enterprise Extender to combine your legacy and current networks, we can:

    1. Check for slowdowns (ARB flow)
    2. Check for unneeded traffic
    3. Check for idle RTP pipes
    4. Check for HPR segmentation
    5. Check for retransmissions
    6. Check for excessive path switches
    7. Check for pacing conflicts
    8. Provide recommendations for any problems found

    IPv6 Planning and Lab Services

    We can help you plan for IPv6. This includes:

    • Lab setup,
    • Getting an IPv6 address range from ARIN,
    • Address planning,
    • Migration planning,
    • Conducting a security review

    IPv6 Implementation

    We can help you plan and implement IPv6. This includes:

    • Creating a Business Case for your management,
    • Building an implementation team from across your organization,
    • Getting an IPv6 address range from ARIN,
    • Creating an implementation plan and schedule and
    • Executing the implementation plan.

    Consulting Contacts

    For more information, please call Jim Ashton or Bill Jouris at 831-659-8360, or email Consulting.

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