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Biography : James Ashton

James (Jim) Ashton is an Information Technology Consultant with extensive experience in telecommunications. He is the worldwide leader of the Inside Products Network Performance Analysis (NPA) team.

Jim has helped many small, medium, and large businesses all over the world resolve their IT equipment performance challenges. Some of Jimís happy customers include the largest retailers in the world, credit card processors, drug manufacturers, telephone companies, automobile companies, banks and other financial institutions. Jim has worked closely with many of the Fortune 500 as well as many international organizations.

During Jimís long career, he studied Electrical Engineering and attended hundreds of USAF, AFIT, IBM and Bell Core technical classes. But, his telecommunications equipment technical work experience began with repairing and maintaining military telephone, radio, microwave and satellite communications equipment.

Jim worked for over 30 years at IBM. During his IBM career, Jim worked as a customer engineer, a program support representative, a hardware product development engineer, a product test engineer, a usability test engineer, a product performance measurement engineer and a software developer. He worked on main frame, controller platforms and other I/O related products. Later he became the IBM US Network and Telecommunications Technical Support Specialist (Friend from the Factory Program) and then when on an international assignment for several years to the IBM World Trade Corporation, NHD Headquarters in London, providing Networking Technical Support for IBM customers worldwide.

After his return to the US, Jim worked as a Certified IT Specialist for IBM Global Services. His experience includes supporting SNA and IP over Serial Lines (SDLC, HDLC, Frame Relay, ISDN) Token Ring, Ethernet and Fiber connections (ESCON, FICON, ATM, Fiber Channel). He provided technical support for communication software, like TSO, VTAM, NCP and Communications Server. He developed and supported communications software on Windows and Unix. And for the last 10 years, he has worked on the IBM Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) team.

Jim has published many technical disclosures and is co-inventor on three issued Patents concerning the management and measurement of communication networks. He has presented thousands of technical sessions in the Executive Briefing Centers, the IBM Technical Education Center, the IBM International Technical Support Center and as the IBM Network Products Technical Representative to the SHARE User Group.

The breadth and depth of Jim's knowledge allows him to quickly understand the problems faced by large networks running production data centers which handle critical data. Few can match his level of experience.

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