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TCP Tuning Expert

TCP Tuning Expert is a z/OS mainframe and PC client application which provides analysis of TCP workload from SMF or collected by our Inside the Stack DB2 product. Tuning TCP workload can help save CPU overhead, bandwidth and create a stable and reliable network. We have seen hundreds of thousands of connections by load balancers to an unused DB2 address space. We have seen a printer send an error message once a millisecond all day long. Could this be your system?

TCP Tuning Expert guides you through the analysis process. The amount of data to be analyzed is overwhelming and the rules are not obvious. Let TCP Tuning Expert help you with the steps to take to resolve problems. Get control over your system.

For a sample report and tuning analysis from TCP Tuning Expert , please view below:

When you see a report such as the one above, even though the data is presented - hard enough in itself - it is difficult to assess what is wrong and how to proceed. TCP Tuning Expert provides a sample analysis along with the data. Please see below:

Analysis: The TCP connections which had zero bytes in or out are shown organized by: Application. Such connections may be from load balancers, scripted connections, or just plain mistakes. Some of these may be necessary - others may be overhead. If these connections happen too frequently, you may be able to reduce overhead by increasing the time between checking (for example, for load balancers).

TCP Tuning Expert will also then tell you which applications it believes need to be further analyzed, what kind of analysis to do, and how to interpret the data once you get more reports.

Sample reports include:

  • TCP Connections Terminated with Errors
  • TCP Connections with Low Bytes
  • TCP Connections of Very Short Duration
  • TCP Connections with Duplicate Acknowldgements
  • TCP Connections with Retransmits
  • TCP Connection with High Round Trip Time

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