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IPv6 Problem Finder

IPv6 Problem Finder is a platform agnostic application which takes in a packet trace and provides a recommendation in English. Problems on networks are inevitable (low throughput, poor response time, network overhead, excessive server CPU usage). The only question is how quickly the problems can be resolved. Sometimes the best, the only way, is to take a trace.

IPv6 Problem Finder can help you with:

  • Root cause analysis
  • DNSv6 analysis
  • New types of addressing (multicast, link-local, ULA)
  • ICMPv6 decoding
  • Tunneled packets
  • Capacity and throughput

IPv6 Problem Finder reduces the risk of running a large network.

For a sample report and graph of IPv6 Problems, please view below:

Sample reports include:

  • Show DNS Traffic / Error Analysis
  • Show DNS Address List
  • Show Major DNS Problem Sources
  • Show Complete DNS Problem Sources
  • Show Detailed DNS Analysis
  • Show IPv6 Tunnel Address List
  • Show All Tunneled Packets

Try IPv6 Problem Finder. New forensics are needed for a new protocol.

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